Jealous of the girl who mended your broken heart, it should have been me. Jealous of the girl who saw through you when I could have seen it easily. I would have fought the fight if I knew there was a chance. But your mind was made up and you’re moving in together. How am I supposed to tell you I’ve changed my mind?
Jealous of the girl who makes you smile when it used to be me. Jealous of the girl who crowds your mind when you were crazy for me.
She makes you happy. She makes you safe. She adores you. And I’ve told you how happy I was for you when my heart was shattered in pieces. I guess I’ll never know what might have been. For so long you were mine. I remembered when you were mine and not just the ghost of my memories. Jealous of the girl who won your heart and she’s keeping you satisfied. She’s a very very lucky girl. (I don’t own photo)


Fall for You


Baby it’s true that I’m wild, free, and too young to know better. My friends think I’m crazy whenever I talk about you. They say I’ve got time to waste and pretty boys lined up. So give me a reason to stay for there’s other things to do, places to go, and people to meet.
I hate commitments. I hate drama. I hate games. If I tell you that I love you, will you break my heart? If your friends are around, will you act differently?
So what if you’re gorgeous and you smile sexy. So what if your eyes are deep blue like the ocean that does something to me every time you stare.
So what if I promised not to fall for you, because a boy like you is impossible to find. You’re impossible to find.

Photosource:theluckyone. (I don’t own photo)

Last Kiss


It Stings. My mind is fucked because of you. I memorized the way you close your eyes when you laugh. I love how your deep blue eyes glow  with admiration at the sight of me.  I miss your phone calls.  Your face  tattooed in my brain. Your name impressed on my lips. I wear your clothes since  the day you left. It hurts, you know, seeing you, with someone else.
I miss your love.

Photosource: (I don’t own photo)

My First Kiss


Remember our first kiss?  Eyes shut, tingling sensation down your secret garden, lips apart. They touched. It’s gentle and electrifying.  You want more. It’s rougher and wilder. You can’t stop. Raptured in this moment, the world disappeared. My first kiss. It’s crazy. (I don’t own photo)

I’m in Love


Purple is the color of my energy. Weird for I’m always in love. Cool because love is everywhere. I see it in my big chocolate brown eyes. I see it in the flowers. I feel it  in my fave love song. I see it through his warm hazel eyes. I’m in the mood for love you see. I’m in love. Boy am I in big trouble.

Life is Like Night and Day


Fresh brewed coffee lingers in the air. Its dark colombian bean aroma electrified every nerve of my depressed brain as it rooms around this once cold room. Depressed  because I failed at something, and it triggered fear.

It only took a sip before I was alive again. It’s life’s simple pleasure which made life cool again.

I understand one thing that life will always be a mystery.  It will always find ways to surprise us when least expected. And like a box of chocolate,  it could be good, or it could taste like shit.

For life does not choose.  For life, all is fair in good and bad  without reason. Life simply happens.

Realize then that it is not so much about the unknown. It is how we deal with them as they come. It  is how we choose to dwell  or suck it up.

The dark hours will always rise as the light  will forever shine. Thrive, fight, flow with  the ever changing time.