One Day

There are times I take for granted the simple things in life

Complaining about the places we go and see in almost every weekend of everyday: the beach, the hike, or just being home with you watching the television

I even hate the fact that we ran out of things to do and people to see

And get tired of you

Of Us

I blame you for my boredom

I  cuss at you for being an ordinary man that you are

I despite us  for having nothing but Us

I don’t want to take walks with you anymore

I refuse your embrace

Give me something fun to do or let me be

But then I realize that one day,  there will be no more you or me

One day, I will miss You and your love

Together, there will be no more walks by the sea 

Nor  a warm body next to me when feeling scared or sad 

And no more to come home to 

With no one waiting for me

For one day,  we will say our last goodbye

To this precious fragile life

And You and Me will be forgotten

One Day

My Sacrifice


When you said it would never work, You and Me
It felt  like burn that wouldn’t heal
And left a scar of the love you couldn’t give; A constant reminder of you
I gave it all and risked it all
God damn it; It was all for you
But still, I’m  all alone

A time to love


There is a time for everything
Though  everything was not perfect
At least that’s what I’ve remembered
For there were moments of tears
Of broken heart and of shattered  dreams and promises  that I’d never knew would come until I’d gave my heart away
Over and over until nothing more was left to give
And then there was You
The You who gave me life and love
The You I’d come to know and trust
And from this moment, my love
I cannot promise a perfect romance
But love eternal
There is a time for everything
And the time is now with You and Me
In this journey (I don’t own photo )

Cold Feet


Sometimes I don’t want your love, your kiss, your embrace, your touch
Don’t be too sweet,  it’s disgusting
I want to be  free from your insecurities
Your strictness confines me, so suffocating, interrogating

Sometimes I longed for solitude and be free like a bird, to fly and explore something new, far away from you

Sometimes I’m scared
But your kind of love only comes around Sometimes.

Photosource: (I don’t own photo)

The Reason


You are the reason that I smile
The reason why I make it through the day
And why I sleep like an angel.
When I’m feeling sad, I think about You..suddenly forgetting what I was sad about.
You are the reason why I’m angry
The reason why I’m depressed
and many sleepless nights
I cussed the day and hated the sound of your name
Refusing anything that might make me miss you
Sitting and waiting for your call as if my life depends on it
Dated to forget you but failed again and again
You’ve finally came around
And here I go making the same mistakes again
It is all for the reason that I can’t get over You.

Photosource: freebestpicture.blogspot ( I don’t owe photo)

Remember When


Remember when we first met? It was a mystery. Our first phone call? That was exciting. Our first date? There was an awkward shyness.  The rush? A mix of danger. Remember when we were younger then? Time stood still.
Remember when we first fought?  We’ve said some things we shouldn’t have but did. Remember when we first made up? It felt brand new. Remember when we first broke up? It felt like forever.
Remember when you’d asked me back? I didn’t hesitate. Remember when we fell in love? It was blissful.  Remember when we saw each other last, and we’ve said our last goodbye?  It was the day and every second of my life that I’d wished I didn’t let you go for I will always remember when…. (I don’t own photo



Our sun and stars collided, and it’s never the same. You’re mine. You’re my kaleidoscope who swept my darker days. And love,for once, doesn’t suffocate. You numbed my pain like a novocaine.
Your love is like a fairy tale: magical, subliminal. I am blown away in the way you look at me as if I’m the prettiest girl of all.  Your assurance of love is envied by the rest. They want to break us, tear us when our love is as simple as a caress, fearless, unbreakable love.
So when I’m out and about, I miss You. Enthralled knowing that I get to come home to You.
My sanctuary, My Kaleidoscope,  that is what You are. don’t own photo)