I Love You

I love you to the point that it’s hard to say no, and a part of myself is lost 

From independence

From selfishness

I love you to the point that I’m willing to sacrifice anything beyond my mortality just to see you smile

I love you to the point that I deny the truth and believe a lie even when it burns

But,  there is a part of me that wants to fuck you up and tell you to get lost

And screw your drama

Screw the heartache

Screw this suffering

But all my rememberings of our sweet quiet moments, your acceptance of me, and these little things we call memories we’ve built through the years is stronger 

Than suffering

Than heartache

Than drama

And when all is said and done 

My dearest I may say I’m tired of You from time to time

But don’t give up on me

For I’m going to love you forever and ever  and ever

6 thoughts on “I Love You

  1. Dear friend

    As long our mind stands inbetween us (between the one we love and our heart), when the mind is sad tomorrow and today is happy, when the mind changes its colours in hours, minutes and days – there is always the risk that our mind makes a promise for all the time to come – “I love you forever…” instead of our heart, because if our heart makes this promise then our love would never change – it would be like a sun giving light and warmth without wanting anything in return – just opposite to our mind that goes along with the wind of feelings, creating a certain weather condition of our mood.

    So we can never be sure of a promise we make – if it was made by the mind or by the heart. Best is that our mind gets as pure as the heart…

    All good wishes

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