You Infect Me

I miss you

Why did you have to go

Didn’t I do everything  you wanted me to do 

Didn’t I begged you to stay

In this cold room I lay in our bed full of memories smelling your cologne still fresh on this pillow soaked with tears

And called your name over and over as if this pain and sorrow will somehow bring you back to me

You were like a dream that I once knew

I’d never thought of my life without you

It feels so long ago 

This distance between us is so lonely it hurts

Now that you’re gone 

3 thoughts on “You Infect Me

  1. Dear friend,

    A separation from a beloved one is always painful and no pills or remedy can help to stop this pain, at least for a certain time when the heart is crying. It is said: time is a great healer – but still all experiences and moments are in our memory reminding us…

    Try now to fill this vacuum with hobbies as you here with your poems already are doing. Be with friends and go to find peace in the nature and go on expressing yourself on paper-sheets with your heart writing on them 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend!
    All good wishes and may you gain your happiness again

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