One Day

There are times I take for granted the simple things in life

Complaining about the places we go and see in almost every weekend of everyday: the beach, the hike, or just being home with you watching the television

I even hate the fact that we ran out of things to do and people to see

And get tired of you

Of Us

I blame you for my boredom

I  cuss at you for being an ordinary man that you are

I despite us  for having nothing but Us

I don’t want to take walks with you anymore

I refuse your embrace

Give me something fun to do or let me be

But then I realize that one day,  there will be no more you or me

One day, I will miss You and your love

Together, there will be no more walks by the sea 

Nor  a warm body next to me when feeling scared or sad 

And no more to come home to 

With no one waiting for me

For one day,  we will say our last goodbye

To this precious fragile life

And You and Me will be forgotten

One Day

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