Why Girls Want The Bad Boys

image The Good Guy: He likes you . Girl says who cares. He’s out on a date. Girl says what time is it?  He tried to kiss her. Girl runs. He calls her. Girl puts him on ignore. He literally ask her out. She’s literally busy. He talks to her. Girl says what do you want. He tried harder. She got annoyed.

So why? They’re bad, but they have strong Sex appeal

“Sex appeal is 50% of what you’ve got and 50% of what people think you’ve got.”  Sophia Lauren

Photosource:people.com (I don’t own photo)

8 thoughts on “Why Girls Want The Bad Boys

  1. Girls like the bad boys because bad boys breed more bad boys. Bad sons cheat on their women and so spread their mother’s genes. Of course it’s the good boys who make the best husbands. Just don’t let them find out what you’re doing with the bad boys. So it’s been for thousands of generations, so it will be for thousands more. Girls like the bad boys because their mothers and mothers’ mothers and mothers’ mothers’ mothers did.

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