Life is Like Night and Day


Fresh brewed coffee lingers in the air. Its dark colombian bean aroma electrified every nerve of my depressed brain as it rooms around this once cold room. Depressed  because I failed at something, and it triggered fear.

It only took a sip before I was alive again. It’s life’s simple pleasure which made life cool again.

I understand one thing that life will always be a mystery.  It will always find ways to surprise us when least expected. And like a box of chocolate,  it could be good, or it could taste like shit.

For life does not choose.  For life, all is fair in good and bad  without reason. Life simply happens.

Realize then that it is not so much about the unknown. It is how we deal with them as they come. It  is how we choose to dwell  or suck it up.

The dark hours will always rise as the light  will forever shine. Thrive, fight, flow with  the ever changing time.


4 thoughts on “Life is Like Night and Day

  1. You have an awesome way of expressing yourself as a writer however using certain words to remind us that you are a real person writing about everyday experiences. This is awesome.

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