A Writer’s Tips


Another break of dawn. The sky is painted pink, red with soft orange glow burying the evening dusk once more. It is a little past five o’clock when I wake up. Words cannot describe this solitude, this quiet ease  that my state of mind consumes.
It consumes this moment while the birds sing in the silence of my room. I knew they are in motion. In motion to find food. In motion to enjoy the present moment as it glides gracefully with the wind, to feel, to see, to smell, to hear the songs of nature.
And I, in my sleepy eyes, needs to be in motion  to write. Being in the moment means to be present  whatever task at hand may be. In writing, it pertains to feeling, remembering memories,  observing everything before you write. To think  freely from any obstacles before you write. Writing a novel is to engage every senses: touch, feel, hear, sight, scent.


Remember: “A novel shows while a screen play talks.” Nicholas Sparks

All of these are essential  and crucial to create not just any novel, but a novel  that lives in the reader’s heart and mind once it’s been put away. You want to live in the reader’s heart  and mind.

The very next time you write, be present in all of your senses moment by moment.

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