Once Upon A Time


The sun has come up although it hides beneath the clouds. Mother nature has not been generous for the passing days denying  earth a bit of warmth, a bit of sunlight.

I sit by my windowpane and stare at the gloomy sky and allowed my mind to wander. It is melancholic despite  the sounds of the birds’ chirping, dogs barking. Even the howling of the wind and twig tapping against the window  that once was endearing has gone dreary. All of these resulted  from a mundane day  like today.

I check my watch. I realized it’s time. Then again the time started four hours ago. Through my  squinted eyes I stare at a blank page.  Squinted because the blank page is a not as it was  four hours ago: it had letters, it had words, it had sentences, it had a story. The story I have replaced again and again and again.

I have grown weary. My patience that once was strong has slowly weakened. Fight, I must for I have a story to tell. The story for the world to see. A dream to realize

Once again, I  closed my eyes , taking in a fresh scent of lavender the air had carried.

Ready now. On with my fingers on the keyboard  and I begin once more Once upon a time…

Photo Source:writer’s-block.jpg (I don’t own photo)



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