How To Build Compelling Characters For a Novel


” And my eyes are screaming for the sight of you–And tonight I’m dreaming off all the things that we’ve been through–And I can’t hold on to you–So I guess I’ll be lonely too.”

This is composed by a song writer named John Vesely. He wrote this song called “Suppose,” for a rock band known as Secondhand Serenade. Song writers have great talents. Many times, they don’t seem to exist since hardly anyone recognize them.

I am currently working on a novel (Please see my Book Teaser). I connect my writing in a song–a great way to get inspiration from and make my characters alive as it gives it feeling/personality-It rips straight to the heart of you and the reader. Music can make a character feel hate, love, joy, or sadness. When you listen to a sad song, the power of making your character feel sorrow will be twice as great because you are experiencing the feeling of sadness in the.moment. Connect your characters with your audience by connecting yourself with your heart.

The main girl in my novel, Lana Leonard, is a teenager who falls madly in love with the mysterious Romare Black–A love not suppose to be. Lana relates to the lyrics above–is exactly what she feels towards him in hopes that Romare feels the same way.

After all, it’s painful to fall in love when circumstances makes it impossible to do

Source of photo: (I do not own this photo cover nor the lyrics quoted above) This is strictly for educational purposes.

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