Book Teaser: Tell Me What You Think (Untitled)


Romare is not human. This  I know,  I am addicted,  desperately,  irrevocably hungry for his love and nothing else matters- nothing else…

When Lana Leonard, an average teen, meets the erotic, enigmatic newcomer Romare Black, whom the locals in the remote town of Ashburn suspects him as a serial killer, her life takes a roller coaster twist caught between passion and danger. With his dark eyes, deep whispering voice, and idiosyncratic nature, Lana finds herself lost in his somewhat dark world.

With her parent’s constant interference from being intimate with him for fear of her life as the horrific death toll not only spread in Ashburn but now across the country, makes Lana thirst more for his presence and puts herself at risk.

She is powerless over her own desire for Romare and is determined to unfold his mysterious secret.

The question rises if Lana will survive long enough for her to discover the dark secret of the unknown.

Deeply romantic, irresistible,  and undeniably suspenceful. This Book will  leave you wanting more

Author: V.Vlas

Genre: Romance, Dark Fantasy

Source of photo: (I do not own the picture cover of this photo)

Copyright Disclosure: Plagiarism is Illegal and is subject to punishable law

30 thoughts on “Book Teaser: Tell Me What You Think (Untitled)

    • I love how you gave me your insight. It really helps a lot. Writing is such a challenge. It’s very hard to think most specially for a person like me. I tend to be very indecisive and needs help to stabilize my hyperactive mind. So, thank You. I appreciate it very much and much humbled- V.Vlas

      • Are you kidding? I wish you had written my teaser pages – I sweated years over them. I didn’t get the first one right until 18 months AFTER the book was published (fortunately I could change it). The second one came easier, although I still changed that, too, and the third one (unpublished) I think is right. I conclude I’m getting better at doing them. 🙂

        I agree with you, writing is a bigger challenge than non-writers will ever understand. There is so much to catch and balance and weave and pace. On top of that, it takes 40 years to become an overnight success (I don’t know who said that first – it wasn’t me, I wish it was).

        Just looking at what you have here, you have great style. It reads easy and I want more. I don’t say that very often, either, because I’m writing to a schedule and I don’t read fiction when I need to keep my mind focused on my own.

        That said, it’s always good to take a break. 😀

        So… When is your book coming out?

      • Coming from an experienced person who already have her book published, I feel honored. It’s really tough thinking and writing. It hurts! I feel very tired. But, time is golden so I need to push although it gets harder. I’m not completely done with my novel yet; with that said, no date yet. I know that it’s very tough out there. But, I need people like you who can guide me- V.Vlas

      • It IS tough out there and the industry is not what it used to be. I eventually gave up on agents and publishers and went around them, just as so many writers today are doing. That aside, writing a novel is a huge undertaking and every writer knows that.

        My first book, I carried pretty well all through my career to date – 40 years of changes and rewrites. I even threw it in the bin at least twice. I learned to write, writing that book, the long, hard, slow way. I also thought I was wasting my life on it, not realizing just how much I was learning and training throughout. I know it now.

        The final rewrite for that book still took a whopping 15 months. To be honest, it amazes me what it has become. Fortunately the next book in the series came out much faster, at only nine months (which I adore even more than the first one), but I think being finally free to move on from the first book helped there – that and having all that training behind me.

        What I’m saying is, yes, it takes time and effort, and blood and tears. You’ve certainly got skill and talent, so you’ve got your training in, too, even if you didn’t take as long as I did to get good at it. That never stops building. Writing is clearly in your blood, so please don’t ever give up and don’t let anyone stop you.

        As for me – I’m here. If you’re willing to chat, I’m willing to chat. For me, this is the best part of blogging – meeting people who are as passionate about writing as I am. There is a great community in Blogsville.


      • WOW! I feel like I ‘ve found a friend at Blogsville (no joke). I need people who gives insights and thats is exactly you delivered. I could go on and on about my weaknesses, but I’m afraid I won’t have enough space. I wear my heart on my pen and paper. It’s a part of me that won’t leave me alone. It kept nagging me (I think you can relate). As far as rewriting and trashing completed works in the bin (Ouch!), I could relate.

        When I saw your post, I just knew I had to read it. I need to read it. Mind you, at times when the content is too long, I get bored, and my mind starts to wander. I guess I have a bit of ‘ADD.’ But I love learning! You gave me very helpful tips about how to handle mental blocks. Thank You. I’m here also if I can be of any help at all. By the way, what’s your genre and name of your books?

      • I write science fiction – big fat ones – Not doom-and-gloom, either. I hated reading sci-fi as a kid because it always seemed political and humourless and showed depressing futures. I wanted spaceships and new planets to explore and people that were REAL who had adventures. That’s how I got into writing it – trying to make it “my way”. 🙂

        It also has occult themes (psychics and seers – some people think that makes my work fantasy instead), and is meant for mature readers, as there is sex, violence and coarse language.

        My first book is The Khekarian Threat. The follow up is The King’s Sacrifice. At my site there’s a dropdown menu (along the top) where clicking on those titles will take you to the page that has the teasers and the covers shown. The same covers in the right hand margin link through to Amazon and Kindle.

        Not meaning to plug, but just letting you know, every now and then I let the first book out for free (Kindle), which is overdue, so I’ll be setting that up next week. I’m not asking you to grab a copy, sci-fi might not be your thing, although I’ve had some great feedback from non-sci-fi fans who love it. If you’re not sure if you want to or not, I have links in the right hand margin to the first four and a half chapters, approx. 65 pages, which will give you a taste of how I write.

        That said, whether you are interested or not, it won’t hamper our ability to chat. 🙂 I blog most days, although I’ve started cutting back on the weekends.

        I’m pleased we’ve met! 😀

      • The King’s sacrifice sounds dark; I like it. I’ll take some time to read your teasers, so I can get an overview. As always, I’m here if you feel like saying anything at all- V.Vlas

      • I’m very pleased we’ve met too! I Will save some of the many conversations we will make in the future. I will also let you in my journey for the very endearing novel I am currently working on- V.Vlas

      • No problem, V. The teasers are what I’ve put on the backs of the books, so they are short. As and how you get to them is fine – I know how busy life can get. 🙂

      • Oops! It looks like I can’t spell – finger-slip there in my last post, that should have read “your site”. 😀 Cheers! Talk with you soon!

  1. I like this. And I have some thoughts I would like to share with you, but can’t find an email address to contact you? If you could email me so I can reply with my thoughts that would be marvellous. But no worries if you’d rather not. And, either way, here’s wishing you the best of luck with your intriguing story. 8^>

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